Getting on
Many challenges come with getting on in our later years. Loneliness, isolation, mobility and health are some of these.

With the influence of technology, the divide between the young and old is increases. Even getting a young person to sit and talk with their grandparents is tougher as they seem to be worlds apart in language and culture. We think this can be addressed and that gap closed significantly by also using technology, while also addressing mobility and health.


The technology being Action Gaming!

Here's the science

We know physical exercise reduces the onset of Alzheimer and Dementia, but this can be difficult for those who are physically impaired. Recent studies have shown that action based video games has similar gains in congitive tasks as physical exercise. (Hindin and Zelinski 2012)

Studies have shown hand-eye coordination and reactions times improve by playing computer games – attributes that begin to weaken as you get older. (Greg el west et al 2017)

One study found that 3D computer games can help prevent memory loss. The research discovered volunteers improved their memory in tests by roughly 12%. The amount it decreases between the ages of 45 and 70. (Basak et al 2008).

So, gaming is good for the elderly... But how do we get them to play?

Getting on...Gaming!

We are rolling out a six week course for gaming at the end of which we'll give you a console, 3 games and accessories to continue playing after the end of the course. The breakdown as follows:

• One 3 hour session a week of supervised gaming and training

• Two playstation4 consoles with three games that up to 8 people can take part in

• At the end of the course, you keep the PS4 and the games to continue to play independently.

• Plus once a month visit for the next 12 months from our gaming tutor to check on your progress and troubleshoot!

If you'd like this at your centre or care home, drop us an email below for a consultation to see how we can help your residents and elderly GET ON GAMING!