Taking it to the next STAGE!

We have exciting news! We are partnering up with Marble Sinew to put on our next comedy stage play CIRCUS!

We will be working to deliver further access for the local community and training programs in tandem with the stage show for residents of East London  Please click HERE


Make a film and learn comic book animation

Join us to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Language Movement and to understanding the heritage of language by learning how to make a film and using comic book animation to tell the story of language.

We'll be holding weekly morning sessions at The Brady Arts Centre throughout the summer holidays and you'll be working with experienced filmmakers and comic book artists on creating your own film with animation. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills over the holidays.

If you’re interested, between 11-19, living in Tower Hamlets and free over the summer holidays, contact us at

Moving Languages is in partnership with Tower Hamlets Council.

For more info, click here


Welcome to Knock the Door Down!

We’re a group of artists and teachers dedicated to innovating and delivering art and education that create real change and lasting improvement to our community and the individual.

Over the past 18 years our artists and practitioners have used media and arts to engage with young people and those in the community that hard to reach.
Now we bring all this knowledge together to start a new movement and initiative that will be focused on tangible and long term results that impact

and improve lives in a meaningful way.


Please have a look at a handful of the hundreds of projects we’ve worked on over the years.