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Circus is the latest production written and directed by Kayser Foyz and in partnership with Marble Sinew production. 


Circus is the story of a small theatre about a struggling theatre company and their family of artists.  In a final bid to survive, the theatre director Kaira decides to put on her last show: a controversial story she knows the audience will either love or hate.

How will it all end? You the audience will decide, every night!

Circus is the beginning of a new style of theatre where our audience decides how the show ends! We are currently fundraising a number of initiatives around the show as well as for the production itself.

We will be putting up further details in the weeks to come. Until then, put the dates down for our show nights: 10th-12th  November 2022 at the prestigious Pinter Studio in Queen Mary University.


We had a great time doing the show and our volunteers were so good they ended up working with the production all 4 nights, hands on! We are now organising follow up sessions in January for feedback and inviting new volunteers who would like to work with us on future projects. Drop us an email if you're interested. 


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